OMP KS-2 ART Kart Racing Glove 1 "a"




OMP KS-2 ART Kart Racing Glove




OMP KS-2 Art Karting Gloves

OMP's brand new KS-2 Art karting gloves have, in our opinion, the coolest styling of almost any racing gloves, karting or auto. But these super-lightweight kart gloves offer more than just great printed graphics. Featuring durable stretch polyester lightweight fabric and high-grip silicon rubber palms, the KS-2 Art karting gloves mean business.


External seams (typically only found on very high-end auto racing gloves) and thin palm material give the driver exceptional comfort and maximum steering feel. Elastic wrist bands keep the gloves from bunching while keeping them easy to get on and off.


With their modern design available in several colors, the OMP KS-2 Art's combination of top-end features and budget friendliness has made these the new staff favorite karting glove!




  • Printed silicon rubber palm inserts for optimal grip and sensitivity.

  • Diagonal cut gauntlet and elastic band on the wrists give great freedom of movement.

  • External seams for maximum comfort.

  • Pre-curved design for optimal comfort.

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