AiM Sports MyChron 5 Karting Steering Wheel - Competition Karting
AiM Sports AiM Sports MyChron 5 Karting Steering Wheel $195.00
AiM MyChron5 Kart Racing Steering Wheel The MyChron5 Kart Steering Wheel has been specifically designed for oval karts; its shape allows a perfect view of the track and your MyChron5 is placed in the best position to keep data available at a glance. The ideal complement for your newest MyChron5, light-weight and ergonomical, it allows you to put your MyChron5 in the best position: right in front of you. You can fully access the power of the MyChron5, viewing your data at a glance while maintaining optimum driving precision. Designed with a flat bottom and curved top, the AiM MyChron5 Steering Wheel is made of an anodized aluminum frame with Alcantara grips and durable Nabuk covering on the sides. The rugged and ergonomic MyChron5 Oval Steering Wheel is a balanced mix of great design, excellent feel, and top technology all at your fingertips! SAFETY IS THE PRIMARY GOAL The outer rim has been designed without edges, to avoid any problem in case of accident. Different from traditional aluminum/steel steering wheels, the MyChron5 Steering Wheel utilizes polyurethane to minimize vibration on the driver's hands. This greatly reduces driver fatigue. The MyChron5 Karting Wheel is easy to install, resistant to all weather conditions, and jet-washable without any problem. SPECS Weight: 600g (1.3 lbs.) Diameter: 340mm (13.4 in.) Chassis: Anodized aluminum Covering: Alcantara and Nabuk Leather Call us with any questions you have about the AiM MyChron5 Kart Racing Steering Wheel from Competition Karting!