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Alpinestars Tech-1 KX v4 Karting Gloves




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Alpinestars Tech-1 KX v4 Karting Gloves 

Listen up, racetrack devotees and speed demons! Are you tired of ordinary gloves that leave you feeling disconnected from the wheel? Well, your search ends here. Slide into the Alpinestars Tech-1 KX v4 Karting Gloves, and you're instantly behind the wheel, in control, and breaking records.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ergonomic Design: External seams? Check! Say goodbye to those pesky pressure points and hello to hours of comfortable driving.
  • Get a Grip: With the glove’s synthetic suede leather palm combined with its silicon surface, you’re not just holding the wheel; you're one with it.
  • Stay Cool Under Pressure: Advanced dual-layer, breathable mesh main assembly ensures your hands remain as cool as you are on the track.
  • Flex & Control: The 3D grip print technology on the palm and fingers provides the perfect balance of flexibility and control. Feel every nuance of your machine.
  • All About the Fit: Pre-curved finger design and innovative palm structure mean a better fit and reduced fatigue. Long drives? Bring 'em on!
  • Touchscreen Friendly: Tweet about your latest win without taking off your gloves!
  • Safety First: Certified to the NEW FIA 8877-2022 Grade 1 homologation standard. Your safety? Non-negotiable.

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: Lighter than your pre-race jitters!
  • Material: Advanced breathable mesh and synthetic suede leather for grip and comfort.
  • Fit: Ribbed cuff for a snug fit. Plus, a 180° elasticated wrist for easy entry and a secure finish.
  • Certification: Meets the latest FIA 8877-2022 Grade 1 homologation standard.


  • What gloves do you need for go-karting? Ones that offer excellent grip and comfort. Like the Alpinestars Tech-1 KX v4. Just sayin'.
  • Are karting gloves worth it? As much as a pit stop in a tie-breaker race! They offer grip, protection, and can reduce fatigue.
  • What are the best karting gloves for 2023? Well, you're reading about them! 
  • What gloves do sim racers use? Many prefer gloves like the Tech-1 KX v4 for their grip and tactile feedback. Because virtual or real, the race is always on!
  • What are karting gloves made of? High-quality materials like synthetic suede leather and advanced breathable mesh for the ultimate combo of comfort and performance.

 Ready to Elevate Your Racing Game? 

Stop dreaming about the perfect race. Live it. Feel every turn, every drift, and every victory. Get your Alpinestars Tech-1 KX v4 Karting Gloves now and turn that ignition with confidence!

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