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Coolshirt Kart Shirt - Adult



Coolshirt Adult Karting Shirt

Compatible with Coolshirt's ice water-based cooling engines, the Adult Karting shirt features superior moisture-wicking and anti-microbial protection keep you cool and dry. Clean-Seam tubing sewn into the interior of the garment provides great comfort. The shirt has two-foot supply/return leads, so no additional hoses are needed. This shirt is a perfect match with the Coolshirt Kart Bag System.

All shirts have patented non-kink tubing for consistent and continual cooling. No special care is necessary with Coolshirt garments. Machine wash. Hang dry. Won’t shrink, pick, or fade.


  • Compatible with Coolshirt ice water-based devices, ideal for the Kart Bag System
  • Superior moisture-wicking and anti-microbial protection
  • Clean-Seam tubing sewn into interior of garment
  • Machine wash and dry; won’t shrink, pick, or fade
  • Equipped with a two-foot lead, no additional hoses are needed


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