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Alpinestars KMX-9 v3 Graphic 2 Kart Racing Suit




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Alpinestars KMX-9 v3 Graphic 2 Kart Racing Suit

Introducing the Alpinestars KMX-9 v3 Graphic 2 Kart Racing Suit - Your Ticket to Karting Glory!

Are you ready to take your kart racing game to the next level? Look no further, because the KMX-9 v3 has arrived, and it's packed with features that'll make you feel like a pro racer, even if you're just starting out. Let's dive into the details and uncover why this suit is a must-have for karting enthusiasts.

Certified to CIK-FIA Homologation Standards First things first, this suit is certified to CIK-FIA homologation standards. What does that mean for you? It means you're getting top-notch protection and safety, ensuring you're in the best hands (or should we say suit?) while on the track.

Aggressive Design and Vibrant Colorways Who says safety can't be stylish? The KMX-9 v3 boasts an aggressive design and vibrant colorways that will make you stand out on the track. You'll not only feel like a pro but look like one too!

Three-Layer Construction for Ultimate Protection Safety without sacrificing comfort - that's the name of the game. The KMX-9 v3 features a three-layer construction that provides superior protection while keeping the weight low. You'll feel secure and agile, ready to tackle any turn.

Driver Comfort is Key We know karting can be a sweaty business, which is why this suit comes with a 100% polyester toweling liner. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a comfortable, dry ride.

Driver-Friendly Design Details We've thought of everything to give you the best experience. With an angled front opening, stretch panels on the back, shoulders, and waist, and breathable mesh material on the crotch and underarms, you'll have an optimized fit and stay cool when the pressure's on.

Product Specifications:

  • Advanced two-layer construction assembly for protection and breathability.
  • Strategically positioned Tech mesh panels on underarms and crotch for increased airflow.
  • Features Alpinestars' new extraction handle design from F1, with a fully floating arm.
  • Anatomical arm, leg, and torso paneling is patterned to create the optimum position while driving.
  • Premium YKK metal zipper, plus a double slider for a versatile and customizable fit.
  • Athletic-Regular fit design.
  • Certified to New FIA 8877-2022 Grade 1 homologation standard.


Is a kart suit better than a racing suit? Kart suits are specially designed for karting, providing the necessary protection and flexibility for the unique demands of kart racing. While racing suits are more versatile, a kart suit is your best bet if you're hitting the karting track.

Do you need a suit for karting? Absolutely! Safety should always come first, and a kart racing suit is essential to protect yourself while enjoying the adrenaline rush of karting.

What should I wear for go karting? For go karting, you should wear a karting suit, gloves, a helmet, and closed-toe shoes. Safety is paramount, so gear up before you hit the track!

Ready to take your karting experience to the next level? The Alpinestars KMX-9 v3 Graphic 2 Kart Racing Suit is your ticket to karting glory. Don't wait! Gear up, rev that engine, and hit the track in style and safety. Get yours now and become the karting legend you were born to be!

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