Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector 1 "a"




Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector




Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Rib Protector

Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector: Gear Up & Kart On!

Ever dreamt of merging into the fast lane of karting like a pro? Slide into the AK-1 Kart Body Protector from Alpinestars and feel the revs! Certified with the FIA STANDARD 8870-2018 (that’s right, it's that legit), this is no ordinary body protector. It’s like the secret sauce in your grandma’s famous recipe; it's essential.

Engineered with the race-oriented in mind, the AK-1 boasts of weight-saving materials ensuring that it doesn’t feel like you're wearing a medieval armor set. The ergonomic design guarantees a fit that would make Cinderella's glass slipper jealous. Plus, with a speed-lace closure system, you can suit up quicker than you can say, "Start your engines!"

Spec-tacular Highlights:

  • Rib Protectors: Crafted from carbon fiber thermoset material (sounds fancy, because it is) and backed by soft touch padding. Pre-curved for a hugging fit that says, "I got you."

  • Chest Protector: Made from a high-octane thermoplastic polymer with thermoformed padding. Its profile? Superbly ergonomic.

  • Back Protector: Again, that snazzy thermoplastic polymer at play, ensuring that your back is just a smidge away from the seat. Maximum movement, minimal fuss.
  • Speed-Lace Closure & Straps: Quick to wear, adjust, and flaunt. Even comes in a Youth version for the budding racers.

Protection Stats:

  • Aligned with REGULATION (EU) 2016/425.
  • Championing the FIA STANDARD 8870-2018 badge of honor.
  • Engineered for superior protection, while being as light as your race-day enthusiasm.

Answers to Burnin' FAQs:

  • Do you need a rib protector for karting? Absolutely! Just as karts need wheels, ribs need protection.
  • Are rib protectors worth it? Totally! They're like the seat belts of karting. Safety first, trophies next!
  • What do rib protectors do? They guard your ribs against impact, ensuring that the only thing breaking on the track are records.

Ready to Kart with Heart? Elevate your game and protect your frame. Gear up with the Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector today. Because when life gives you turns, you gotta drift! 

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