AiM Sports KA 50 psi Boost-Vacuum (Absolute Pressure) Sensor 1 "a"


AiM Sports KA 50 psi Boost-Vacuum (Absolute Pressure) Sensor


AiM Sports KA 50 psi Boost/Vacuum (Absolute Pressure) Sensor

This "absolute pressure" sensor is ideal for measuring vapor (gas) pressures, from intake boost to crankcase pressure. The 50 psi pressure range is based on perfect vacuum (i.e., from 15 psi below atmospheric pressure to 35 psi above). This sensor is marked "0-50psiA" to differentiate it from the standard 0-50 psi sensor (marked "0-50psiSG"), which does not measure vacuum.

KA pressure sensors are more robust than VDO-style pressure sensors, but they should still be isolated from engine heat and vibration whenever possible. It is compatible with these AiM products:

  • MyChron5
  • MXL
  • MXL 2
  • MXG
  • MXS
  • MXM
  • EVO3
  • EVO4

Features 1/8" NPT male threads.

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