Bell SE07 3mm Helmet Shields (Fits RS7,HP7,KC7) - Competition Karting
Bell Bell SE07 3mm Helmet Shields (Fits RS7,HP7,KC7) from $99.95
Bell Racing Helmets SE07 3mm Helmet Shield Bell SE07 helmet shields are specifically designed for the SA2015 Bell RS7 and HP7 helmets. These 3mm injection-molded optically correct polycarbonate face shield with Double Screen Anti-Fog (DSAF) insert for superior fog control. The SE07 shield uses the SV (SE07) pivot kit, is compatible with tear offs, and is available in a variety of tint colors. Bell recommends that you periodically change shields for better vision and safety. All shields come with adjustable tear-off posts. (Tear-offs not included.) AVAILABLE TINT COLORS: Clear Light Smoke Dark Smoke Yellow Silver Mirror Blue Mirror Rainbow Iridium Mirror Multi-Layer Blue Multi-Layer Red
Arai GP-7 Helmet Shields - Competition Karting
Arai Arai GP-7 Helmet Shields from $78.95
Arai GP-7 Anti-Fog Helmet Shields Available in a variety of colors and tints, these replacement shields fit all versions of the Arai GP-7 SA2020 helmet.